What? Another LA Festival?

Yup. Time Travel: An Allegory wins more accolades*, and will be playing at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival Screening Series on April 22nd. If you’re in the area, stop by the Acme Theater to check out the whatnot. Fourth big festival, and fourth opportunity for me to meet other filmmakers equally broke and begging. Good Times.

* ac-co-lade:
1a: a ceremonial embrace b: a ceremony or salute conferring knighthood;
2a:a pat on the back for amature film work

Bigger Film Festival!

Time Travel was just accepted into another (bigger) festival! It’ll be playing at the LA Comedy Shorts Fest, and that, friends, is awesome. Big celebrity types, comedy connections, fabulous prizes; it’s all coming up Ritchie.

And in my excitement I even saved my acceptance voicemail. A woman from the festival saying congratulations, then some clicking, then “Oh, I think you’re calling me…” then 58 seconds of silence. It’s not ideal, really…

New Website

Well, this is it. The new website. Tons of material, from videos, to storyboards, to production stills. Check out everything, and check back as more materials are added.

And above all, it has friendly stick figures to help you navigate the “World Wide Web.”

Won a Danged Award

This past weekend, “Time Travel: An Allegory” won the Judges Award at the Iron Mule Comedy Screening Series. This effectively doubled the number of awards the film has won.

It’s always great having a big audience to watch a comedy, and people seemed to like it (thus the award I mentioned). I start hearing back from bigger festivals soon, and if you haven’t seen Time Travel, check out.

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