Cheese-and-Crackers! Boston Was Gorgeous Today

First, there was way more snow than normal,

Immovable cars in Chester Square

and — bonus — way fewer cars

Tremont Street. Crazy, yeah?

Tremont Street. Crazy, yeah? So I went for, like, an 8 mile hike.

Southie Beach. Last time I was here it was filled with redheads.

Something about seeing the Atlantic Ocean… that first Plymouth winter in 1620 must have sucked shit. But today is about the poetry of the snow. It was even kind of charming that I could barely get back into my apartment long after the storm was over.


Plus, many years from now I’ll get to¬†reminisce¬†about the Great Nor’easter of ’13 and tell young people they don’t know stuff from what from stuff.

There were, however, some downsides to the Nor’easter. My bike got snowed in up the handlebars. Frown-y face. Also, there was billions of dollars in economic damage. So, mixed bag. Mixed bag. But did you see that picture of people wandering down Tremont? Worth it.