Bloody? And let us to his teeth.

Class ended yesterday, so I woke up this morning feeling uneasy. After running a mess of a life for weeks getting school work done, I really had no responsibilities today. It was slightly eerie.

“All this wondrous familiar to be exactly astern.”

So I took care of basic life things that have gone wanting for weeks. Groceries. Cleaning. Laundry.

“The monster is in the stranger.”

Perhaps there is not much more to my life than school these days. When I don’t have to drag myself to the library, I’m a little stumped.

“A vigorous pleasure to a whaling law, under a fair chance the devil did about it.”

So I looked through my list of “Christmas Break Distractions,” and got started. I made a Python script that builds and processes Markov Chains.

“It sometimes ends of Nantucket, and a hot tobacco wallet.”

It loads up the Gutenberg text of “Moby Dick,” then builds a graph of all the words and which ones probabilistic follow each other.

“Ocean, oh! thou may’st have talked with soft and then, that from his crew say to go and sixpence for a rag of the Spanish land.”

Throw a random number generator on top, and it loops through the whole text creating stochastic, Melville-like sentences.

” The continual cascade played at their defunct bodies.”

Neat, hunh?

“Ahab, unmindful of his report, stood thoughtfully eyeing his own lean Nantucketer.”