Seriously, How White is this Guy?

Really, I’m pretty white. But how white? Well, I just walked into the Romney concession speech.

Really, just walked in. I had no badge, no ID. Police were keeping back press and riffraff, yet I walked through metal detectors and security checkpoints. I was really not supposed to be there. I was not on the list. No one said a word to me.

How did I just stroll into a major Republican event? I’m just that damned white. Through no effort of my own I’ve got straight teeth, decent clothes, and a pale complexion. Oh man, I’ve got a confident stride that just dripping (dripping!) with privilege. I don’t walk through a convention center like I belong — I walk through like I’m in fucking charge.

That is how white I am. I can go anywhere, be safe, and act like the world is mine. White, male, straight, tall, with a modicum of charisma. That’s a heck of an unearned jackpot.